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365 December

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     PLANT PORTRAITS December and pictures from London, Bristol, Sweden and Denmark. Nordic countries and Christmas how wonderful you might think. However take look at the picture of the crowds at […]

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365 November

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     PLANT PORTRAITS November and the inevitable arrival of Christmas fever started to grip the city.  The German Christmas market arrived in Bristol’s Broadmead and changed the nature of the space.  […]

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365 October

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES    PLANT PORTRAIT October and the Indian summer carried on and so did I.  I was partiulary pleased with the shot of the hula hooping woman, she was enjoying herself […]

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365 September

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES    PLANT PORTRAIT September came and I was amazed that I had managed to get this far without missing a day. I was equally determined to carry on to December […]

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365 August

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES   PLANT PORTRAIT Seem to be an abundance of abstract pictures this month.  I love road markings and think of them as the unofficial abstract expressionist art of the UK. Also […]

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