Clematis Cirrhosa

Seed Head Clematis Cirrohsa

I planted this clematis cirrohsa years back and the climber has run riot on the trellis. In the spring and summer it is not much to look at but in the winter it flowers and then the seed heads develop.

The spindles of fibres will open out to form a fluffy ball that soon disintegrates. It is good to have something in December and January to photograph but I am thinking of changing the black background that I use to something else, any suggestions please leave a comment.

  1. Marius, I think I prefer the gold one. It’s vibrant and has the spirit of the poppy in it. The…

  2. Yes Marius very lovely, perhps it is like the dutch painting..

  3. I think the moody one is just that and I enjoy the pale grays & softer edges Marius.

  4. Marius, I really love your new approach. The black you’ve used in the past is striking and effective, but can…

  5. I’m loving the soft green background Marius, its good to vary white & black w’ other coloured backgrounds depending on…

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