Berberis Flowers

Spray of Berberis flowers on a black background
A Spray of  Tiny Berberis Flowers

I have been a bit off my game of late with the plant portraits but now the weather is unseasonably warm for February I am out in the garden getting ready for the new season. This of course means I am looking for new subjects to get in front of my lens and there is not a lot happening but these Berberis flowers spoke to me.

There are other reasons that I’ve been off photography lately one of which is having our house used as a location for Sideshow, a new blackly comic feature film. For three weeks the place has been in a state of controlled chaos and now we are settling down into something like normal. However I found that when I started getting my lights setup for macro work I could not find the clamps that I needed to fix the lamps to my work table. So off with me to IKEA to get replacements. While I was there I noticed a tiny USB light on a flexible stem and thought I’d give it a go and got this photo.

I really like the chiaroscuro of a single light source, it gives these tiny flowers a feeling of mystery as well as emphasising the shapes. I think I will be using these USB lights more in the future.

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