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365 September

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO September came and I was amazed that I had managed to get this far without missing a day. I was equally determined to carry on to December 31st. The […]

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365 August

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO Seem to be an abundance of abstract pictures this month.  I love road markings and think of them as the unofficial abstract expressionist art of the UK. Also they […]

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365 July

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO Looking back at this month I remember I was working on an editing job for the BBC and it was one of the toughest and most unpleasant professional experiences […]

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365 June

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO June, flaming June. As you can see from the first picture in this gallery we had some very heavy rain. We also had some sun and I went to […]

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365 April

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO When I got to April I decided that I would go black and white. Okay I shoot raw files so everything is captured in colour but I processed the […]

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