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Narcissus On Green

Soft focus macro shot of Narcissus flowers. After years of shooting plant portraits against black or white I felt like I needed to expand what I am doing. I have been looking at the work […]

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Clematis Cirrhosa

Seed Head Clematis Cirrohsa I planted this clematis cirrohsa years back and the climber has run riot on the trellis. In the spring and summer it is not much to look at but in the […]

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Hydrangea Petiolaris Leaf Bud

Hydrangea Petiolaris Leaf Bud This week I decided to take a look at the buds on my Hydrangea Petiolaris. They opening early like so many plants at the moment. It always fascinates me how so […]

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Berberis Flowers

A Spray of  Tiny Berberis Flowers I have been a bit off my game of late with the plant portraits but now the weather is unseasonably warm for February I am out in the garden getting ready for the new […]

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A Garden In Close Up.

Mr Plant Geek guest publishes my blog. Aquilegia Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) guest published on his website ( an article I wrote about the macro photographs I take of plant material from my garden. […]

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