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Clematis Cirrhosa

Seed Head Clematis Cirrohsa I planted this clematis cirrohsa years back and the climber has run riot on the trellis. In the spring and summer it is not much to look at but in the […]

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Hydrangea Petiolaris Leaf Bud

Hydrangea Petiolaris Leaf Bud This week I decided to take a look at the buds on my Hydrangea Petiolaris. They opening early like so many plants at the moment. It always fascinates me how so […]

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Berberis Flowers

A Spray of  Tiny Berberis Flowers I have been a bit off my game of late with the plant portraits but now the weather is unseasonably warm for February I am out in the garden getting ready for the new […]

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A Garden In Close Up.

Mr Plant Geek guest publishes my blog. Aquilegia Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) guest published on his website ( an article I wrote about the macro photographs I take of plant material from my garden. […]

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365 December

PANORAMAS     ABSTRACTS    PLACES     MACRO December and pictures from London, Bristol, Sweden and Denmark. Nordic countries and Christmas how wonderful you might think. However take look at the picture of the crowds at a […]

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